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Improve your business security with our industry leading solutions: vulnerability scanning, red-teaming, bug bounty incentives, load testing, risk scoring analytics and compliance checks. Reduce your cyber risk with the help of our team.

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Application Security

Analysis of application architecture, vulnerability scanning, source code analysis (static analysis), fuzzing (dynamic analysis), recommendations for increasing level of software security at each stage of development.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing (black and white box method), red team assessment, threat modelling, insider risks analysis, social engineering (phishing) of personnel, etc.

DDoS testing

Load testing (DoS, DDoS), simulation of various load models, identifying bottlenecks in applications and infrastructure, availability monitoring, consolidated reports based on the results.

ICO and blockchain security

Complex audit of ICO projects, crypto exchanges and wallets with typical aspects of functioning and problems of the industry in mind.


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